Dressage Naturally is Empowered Learning

Karen Rohlf Created Dressage Naturally with this Vision:

  • To understand our horses’ world so they can be safe and happy in our world. 
  • To find harmony through partnership and healthy biomechanics so they feel relaxed, energized, balanced and free. 
  • To help students and horses be the best they can be through progressive, positive, and fun gymnastic training.

You don't have to be good at dressage to love it.  
You DO have to love the process of dressage to be good at it.

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Dressage Naturally is an educational system that focuses on partnership, communication, and gymnastic development as an artful process that should leave both horse and human feeling powerful, confident, and exhilarated.

Karen Rohlf’s primary motivation is to increase the happiness and harmony for horses and their humans. That process starts with ourselves and is nurtured throughout the Dressage Naturally process. 

I have studied dressage for years and been so passionate about wanting to progress. I have studied and taken to heart the correct vision of what I want my riding and horses to go like, but for some reason, while I had it in my brain, I couldn't get the results out of my horses. [Dressage Naturally] has taught me how to communicate my desires to my horse!! For years, this has been the missing link!! Thank you, thank you Karen Rohlf. I am having faith in my abilities once again and so excited to have it happen.   ~ Lisa Howell

Karen's Happy Athlete Training Scale

The Dressage Naturally Training Scale

Let's take a look at Karen's Happy Athlete Training Scale.

The base of everything is Happiness. In order for our horses to be happy, we have to first look at ourselves.  If we do what we need to be a happy, open, joyous person, we will more easily find Harmony, which is the next layer in the scale.

When we are in Harmony with ourself and our horses, we can better communicate. Communication means we can talk about Techniques (and exercises), and some of those exercises can be about Dressage.

In other words, using this training scale, most of the time with your horses will be spent being happy, and some of the time will be highly focused on dressage ... and that is much better than doing a lot of dressage and only being happy about it a small amount of time. Too many riders (and horses) experience the latter and that is a shame. We must never forget that we have a responsibility to each individual horse, to make their lives as wonderful as possible.

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