Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructors

Dressage Naturally proudly presents your Licensed DN Instructors! Each of these individuals was hand picked by Karen to help students around the world to achieve their dreams with horses through harmonious education and empowered learning.

- Karen Rohlf

- Karen Rohlf

These amazing women stood out to me based on their skills in partnership-based training, their ability to educate students with compassion, and most of all because of their positive attitude and integrity as human beings. I am confident that they are able to help you create the communication, harmony, balance, and connection you want with your horses!

Meet Your Instructors

You’ll meet these instructors inside our step-by-step courses, The Upwards Spiral of Successful Gymnastics and Find the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics.

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Shelby Hume
Kentucky, USA

Liesbeth Jorna

Shawna Lewis
Florida, USA

Michelle Young

Michelle Young
Vancouver, Canada

As Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructors, we promise:

  • To put the welfare of the horse and the safety of the human as the top priority
  • To meet each student and horse where they are, and help them take the best next step towards their goal.
  • To prioritize the relationship, partnership, communication, understanding, & harmony
  • To create safe, fun, positive learning environments that are free of judgment
  • To live in the spirit of possibility
  • To seek to make the world a better place for horses by keeping the heart in the horse/human relationship
  • To listen to the horse’s needs and do our best to see things from the horse’s perspective
  • To take a holistic view of the horse’s experience
  • To welcome students and horses from all disciplines
  • To empower students to be able to independently problem-solve