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  • Is your horse low-energy?
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  • Want a better connection with the reins? 

If so, you are not alone!

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These are three very common problems riders have.

Grab these three free full-length tutorial videos and watch Dressage Naturally founder Karen Rohlf as she helps students understand and improve these common issues with dressage horses. All three videos are yours to watch for free!

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Video #1: Energy – 100% Response (Riding 20 min)

Is your horse low-energy? This video is excellent for anyone who feels they are experiencing less than energetic horses!

Karen Rohlf helps a student understand how to achieve 100% response to the request for energy. This horse is an upper level dressage horse who has also done natural horsemanship and somewhere along the way he lost his desire to go! This video clearly shows the theory and process of achieving 100% response in a way that will feel fair to the horse.

“I have watched this video so many times and use this exercise almost every day I ride my horse! It is incredibly positive and helpful, thank you!”
~ Kaki Decker

Video #2: Freedom and Connection (Discussion, Riding 16 min)

This video really is for everyone who wants to know how to have a great connection with the reins.

Karen discusses and demonstrates how to mix and match having connection with the reins (or not) with being precise in your focus (or not). Too often riders feel like they have to choose between being loose and light but imprecise… OR precise but tight in the contact. These exercises will help you get more conscious coordination between the part of you that talks about line of direction and the part of you connecting with the reins.

“Wow – The missing gap in everything I have read, seen, or learned!
Genius – Thanks, Karen!”
~ Lesley Palmer

Video #3: Foundational Balance, Impulsion, and Connection (Riding 16 min)

This video is excellent for anyone who feels like they need a horse who is more ‘comfortable transportation’, where the basics are easier.

Karen teaches a student, Elisabeth, on a horse she is working with to help her find a better foundation. The horse is a big, long mover, but does not have the basic responsibilities of self regulation of speed, or steering. She also does not have a positive relationship with the reins. You will see Karen, in one lesson, give them some foundational exercises to get the horse participating in the building of her responsibilities.

“I felt emotional watching the steady improvement of this lovely horse and rider combination. The horse was honestly starting to think and figure things out.”
~ Susan Craig

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