Enjoy the Process!

Learn to move in harmony with your horse.


  • Does your horse need more energy?
  • Does your horse go too fast?
  • Want a better connection with the reins?

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

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Move in Harmony

What’s your dream for your horse?

Our comprehensive programs will give you the
Harmony, Balance, Ease of Movement and Connection you want… and so much more!


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Exercises & solutions for you
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Transform the relationship you have with your horse while creating Calmness, Attentiveness, Responsiveness, and Eagerness.

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Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine.


Hi, I’m Karen Rohlf

How lucky we are to have horses in our lives!

Unfortunately, too many students and horses struggle trying to learn to do beautiful things. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You and your horse can LOVE the process of learning AND make huge progress.

I’d love to help you… It’s what I do.

Karen Rohlf’s Blog

The Power of Expectation

There’s something scientific and powerful that
happens when you imagine the best for yourself
and your horse. Think of your horse as a
champion, and find that sweet spot in every

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Instagram post 18013359874260716 Living the dream. (Wow, this was about 15 years ago!) I went to teach a clinic in UK but first visited Ingela Larson to watch her teach a clinic on the beach in Wales. The airline lost my suitcase so i lived in the clothes i travelled in for a few days 😜. Got to ride one of Inge’s horses bareback and bridleless in the ocean. What a fun trip!!!! #livingthedream #ilovemylife #barebackbridleless #dressagenaturally
Instagram post 17866298272529143 Cold morning and Ovation just wanted to snuggle 😍🐴❤️ #ilovemylife #happyhorse #ilovemyhorses ilovemyhorse #dressagenaturally
Instagram post 17851239115722735 I can still remember the feeling of riding this magnificent horse... given away for $1. He taught me so much about mastering my intentions, and trust. I actually have my eyes closed in this photo.  #dressagenaturally #happydressage #happydressagehorse #ilovemylife #barebackbridleless
Instagram post 17844113995797113 These horses bring me so much joy every day. Monty is a memory now (the one I am sitting on) but his memory still makes me smile. How lucky all of us are who get to be in the presence of these amazing animals. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #dressagenaturally #happyhorses #happydressage #happydressagehorse #ilovemylife