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  • Does your horse need more energy?
  • Does your horse go too fast?
  • Want a better connection with the reins?

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

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Our comprehensive programs will give you the
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Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine.


Hi, I’m Karen Rohlf

How lucky we are to have horses in our lives!

Unfortunately, too many students and horses struggle trying to learn to do beautiful things. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You and your horse can LOVE the process of learning AND make huge progress.

I’d love to help you… It’s what I do.

Karen Rohlf’s Blog

The Power of Expectation

There’s something scientific and powerful that
happens when you imagine the best for yourself
and your horse. Think of your horse as a
champion, and find that sweet spot in every

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Feeling so grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving. ❤️ For example: (in no particular order) Family Friends Team Horses Health cuddles Clouds Frogs Students Life Trees Animals Air Brie Apple Pie Comfortable shoes Birds Cute little lizards Stars Breezes The sound of leaves Dishwashers Chocolate Air conditioning Internet Soap Socks Couches Blankets Plants Music Coffee Cookie dough Dancing Flowers.... #icouldgoonforever #gratitude
"What the heck are you talking about?" is NOT something you want your horse to be thinking when you play with him! 🤪

In my latest pod episode, I discuss the power of CLARITY… and how it is one of the MOST important things to focus on with your horse.

Lack of clarity of communication is a leading cause of contortion and disharmony. When you are able to find clarity, you and your horse will be much happier!

Here is a short excerpt...
👉  To listen to the full episode go to http://DRESSAGENATURALLY.NET/PODCAST (Episode 16) or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 16 wherever you listen to podcasts!
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Hot Shot stealing the attention with his cuteness 😍 #dressagenaturally #ilovemyhorse
🎤 Here is an excerpt from my NEWEST pod: Lessons From Atomic's Colic Surgery. 😳 (Don't worry - it's a happy ending). I'll tell the story of my horse’s recent colic surgery… how we knew he needed it, how I navigated the emotional rollercoaster and how something helpful can come of experiences like this. 🎁

👉  For the full episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast Episode 15, or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 15 wherever you listen to podcasts!
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By my quick calculations this is about the 12,215th day in my life that started with going to see a horse. Yup, still smiling. 😍🐴💕👍✨☀️#ilovemylife #horselife #horselifestyle #dressagenaturally #happyhorses
💥 Excerpt from my NEW Pod Episode!
This episode is an interview I did with an equine psychologist, Antonia Henderson, Ph.D. We talked about a range of subjects including horse welfare, learned helplessness, seeking reflex, and many other things related to keeping our horses healthy and happy!
🎤  For the full episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcasts episode 14 or look for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 14 wherever you listen to podcasts!
#Horsetraininginharmony #dressagenaturally #horsepsychology #happydressagehorse #happyathlete
Any inch of nature is so beautiful. I love zooming my attention in and out... taking in the whole scene, then going in close. There is always something new ro notice and appreciate. #ilovehorses #dressagenaturally #gratitude #horsesarebeautiful
NEW pod episode: 5 Truths For Learning Dressage
Here is an excerpt. 
These 5 truths will lead to 5 solutions you can use to problem-solve in your dressage training. To listen to the whole episode go to https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast Episode 13, or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 13 wherever you listen to podcasts!

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Ever have days that feel like this? 🤪
It seems the more I know, the more I know what I don't know... That's why teaching is so fascinating to me, and why it's important to learn from someone who is fascinated with the learning process...
💥 The DN programs and resources are made not only to give you great information, but to deliver it in ways that are transformative... meaning I want to teach you how to think about things differently and get better at problem-solving.
👉  If you want to see what I have to offer go to https://dressagenaturally.net (link in bio).
I have everything from free videos you can ask for, to a book, to a video training library, to step by step courses. You can even contact us to set up a private consult if you're not sure how to start.
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