Enjoy the Process!

Learn to move in harmony with your horse.


  • Does your horse need more energy?
  • Does your horse go too fast?
  • Want a better connection with the reins?

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

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Love your horse
Enjoy learning
Move in Harmony

What’s your dream for your horse?

Our comprehensive programs will give you the
Harmony, Balance, Ease of Movement and Connection you want… and so much more!


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Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine.


Hi, I’m Karen Rohlf

How lucky we are to have horses in our lives!

Unfortunately, too many students and horses struggle trying to learn to do beautiful things. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You and your horse can LOVE the process of learning AND make huge progress.

I’d love to help you… It’s what I do.

Karen Rohlf’s Blog

The Power of Expectation

There’s something scientific and powerful that
happens when you imagine the best for yourself
and your horse. Think of your horse as a
champion, and find that sweet spot in every

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Enjoy this short excerpt
For the FULL episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast
Or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 37 wherever you listen.

This pod is about artificial and auxiliary aids. I'll talk about tools such as bits, spurs, side reins, martingales and will discuss what they are for and how to decide when and if you want to use them!
🎤 NEW POD! 💥
Enjoy this short excerpt.
For the full episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast
Or search for Horse Training In Harmony episode 36 wherever you listen.

In this episode I answer a student’s question about what to do when you normally work by yourself, you want to use partnership-based techniques… and you run into a tough or dangerous challenge with your horse, and people around you are recommending harsh techniques or trainers.
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Shadow hug ❤️❤️❤️
Window to the soul... 
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Big puddle stomping with Natilla 😍
Enjoy this short excerpt.

For the FULL EPISODE go to: http://Dressgaenaturally.net/podcast or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 34 wherever you listen.

This episode explores the purpose of doing dressage. I’ll look at it separate from our own human goals, and instead talk about the purpose with respect to how it can (and should) benefit the horse.
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How To Ask Questions. ❓❓
Enjoy this short excerpt. For the FULL Episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast 
or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 33 wherever you listen.

There is an art to asking questions in a way that you will get the best answer.
When you follow this protocol you will also get the added bonus of having a greater chance of figuring out the answer yourself! 😎

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Silly Ovation. He thinks he is a Labrador retriever 🤣🤣 #dressagenaturally #happyhorse
Good morning from Ovation! #dressagenaturally #happyhorses #happydressagehorse