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  • Does your horse need more energy?
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  • Want a better connection with the reins?

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

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Hi, I’m Karen Rohlf

How lucky we are to have horses in our lives!

Unfortunately, too many students and horses struggle trying to learn to do beautiful things. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You and your horse can LOVE the process of learning AND make huge progress.

I’d love to help you… It’s what I do.

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The Power of Expectation

There’s something scientific and powerful that
happens when you imagine the best for yourself
and your horse. Think of your horse as a
champion, and find that sweet spot in every

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Queen Of The World
This exercise (done at any or all gaits) can do wonders for your position. It opens you hip, it gets your feet under your body, opens the chest, increases balance and builds confidence. 
Horses move freely as your center of gravities align. 
It is not so easy. They key is to go ALL the way up and forward. You will feel like you are laying on your thighs. Your seat will be over the withers. 
It is described on page 85 of the Dressage Naturally book and demonstrated in the accompanying video. 
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Enjoy this short excerpt
For the FULL episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast
Or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 74 wherever you listen.

In this episode I’ll talk about Eclairs and what they taught me about accelerated learning.
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#HorsetrainingInHarmony #HappyDressageHorse #HappyHorse #Learning #AcceleratedLearning
Atomic likes to hang out in the arena while I ride. He gazes upon himself in the mirrors a lot 😍😍 i can’t blame him. He’s gorgeous (so is Ovation) 😍

#dressagenaturally #ilovemyhorse #happydressagehorse
Ovation and Hot Shot… hero poses 🤩😍 

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Enjoy this short excerpt
For the FULL episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast
Or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 73 wherever you listen.

In this episode we discuss the common challenges that instructors and trainers have around time, and how to help them. What she shares will help EVERYone even if you aren’t a horse professional.
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#HorsetrainingInHarmony #HappyDressageHorse #HappyHorse #Goals #GoalSetting

😍 2022 is when your dreams come true!

😎 My intention is to enter the new year with ease. 
🙏 No pressure, no resistance…
💕 I am looking forward to another year of connecting and building relationships with you.
🤩 It’s going to be AWESOME!

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Wishing everyone a beautiful Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas.
I am so grateful for this community. 
My wish for you is an abundance of peace, love, and connection.
May your days be full of possibility 
and your nights full of the sweetest of dreams.
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