Enjoy the Process!

Learn to move in harmony with your horse.


  • Does your horse need more energy?
  • Does your horse go too fast?
  • Want a better connection with the reins?

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

You’re not alone!

Learn unique & effective solutions to these 3 common problems

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Love your horse
Enjoy learning
Move in Harmony

What’s your dream for your horse?

Our comprehensive programs will give you the
Harmony, Balance, Ease of Movement and Connection you want… and so much more!


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THE book on combining dressage and natural horsemanship. Take a deep dive into the theory and exercises of Dressage Naturally. It’s perfect inspiration for the student just starting dressage, or experienced riders who want a fresh perspective. Includes 3 hours of DVD.

The perfect choice if you love books and don’t have strong enough Internet to enjoy our online resources.

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Accelerate your development with video lessons on partnership, biomechanics, gymnastics, connection with the reins, theory, mind-set, and so much more! New content is added every month, so you’ll never run out of ideas. Members get special discounts on programs and products.

Exercises & solutions for you
and your horse.

The partnership you dream of

Transform the relationship you have with your horse while creating Calmness, Attentiveness, Responsiveness, and Eagerness.

The first of Karen’s signature Dressage Naturally
Step-By-Step programs.

This is the perfect choice when partnership is the top priority.

Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine.


Hi, I’m Karen Rohlf

How lucky we are to have horses in our lives!

Unfortunately, too many students and horses struggle trying to learn to do beautiful things. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You and your horse can LOVE the process of learning AND make huge progress.

I’d love to help you… It’s what I do.

Karen Rohlf’s Blog

The Power of Expectation

There’s something scientific and powerful that
happens when you imagine the best for yourself
and your horse. Think of your horse as a
champion, and find that sweet spot in every

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🎤 Enjoy this short clip from my newest podcast episode: 9 Habits For Excellent Horsemanship

How is horsemanship like recording music? In both cases, there are many 'dials' you can turn to change the final outcome. 

In this episode, I’ll talk about 9 habits for excellent horsemanship. These 9 habits are the 'dials' you can turn to improve how you and your horse are interacting. They will help you problem-solve and better understand what is going on with your horse, and will give you more possibilities for things to change in order to make things better.

To hear the FULL Episode go to https://dressagenaturally.net/podcasts and look for Episode 11, or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 11 wherever you listen to podcasts!
#dressagenaturally #horsetraininginharmony #horsemanship #habitsforhorsemanship #horsetraining #happydressage #dressagetraining #dressage #naturaldressage
A short clip from a NEW episode of my podcast: In this episode, I will take a look at the physical side of training for you and your horse. I’ll give you a blueprint for building strength, stamina, and coordination while avoiding falling into the trap of drilling, fatiguing or boring your horse in the process.
To listen to the whole episode go to https://dressagenaturally.net/podcasts and find Episode 10 or search for Horse Training In Harmony episode 10 wherever you listen!
#dressagenaturally #horsetraining #horsetraininginharmony #happyathlete #happydressagehorse
🎤 NEW podcast episode: How & What. 🐴
In this episode, I talk about paying attention to not just WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. I’ll share how I structured my courses in a way that helps students develop essential skills sooner, and be able to problem-solve better… This episode will help you get unstuck, get to the next level, find more ease, or simply enjoy the process of learning even more.

To listen to the full episode go to: https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast-library/how-what/
Pptttffffbbb says Ovation 🤣 #dressagenaturally #happyhorses #happyhorse #happyathlete
It's always such an honor to ride a horse bridleless... Even more so when they let loose and give their bodies to you, too. 
That is the beauty of Finding The Sweet Spot... once horses go through that process they naturally seek a place of balance and freedom.
#dressagenaturally #happyathlete #happydressagehorse #bridleless #treelesssaddle #bridlelessdressage #happyhorse
🎤 Short Clip from my NEW PODCAST EPISODE!
Want to hear some stories about my horses?
In episode 7 I went deep into the arguments for and against doing dressage with or without a bit.
In episode 8 I’ll share some stories of particular horses that I started and trained using a mixture of bits and bitless.

I’ll share how I made decisions about equipment at different stages and how that effected the training.
Go to https://dressagenaturally.net/podcast or search for Horse Training In Harmony Episode 8 wherever you listen!
#podcast #dressagenaturally #bitlessdressage #Horsetraininginharmony #happydressage #horsetraining #dressage #bitless
You go, girl! Natilla gets her power on! #dressagenaturally #extendedtrot #happydressage #happyathlete #ilovemyhorse
Recording a new podcast episode and cracked myself up with my outfit... funny things happen when i know the camera will only see the top half of me! 🤣 if you haven’t yet checked out the pod it’s called Horse Training In Harmony and you can find it on my website or search for it wherever you listen. We have listeners from 48 countries already and we’re only on Episode 7!!! #horsetraininginharmony #dressagenaturally #podcast
Ovation’s secret white spot. #gorgeoushorse #oursecret
I love the quiet moments with my horses. The smell of them, the feel of their mane and tail, the sound of their breath, the sound of them eating hay...
Just BEing with them and them BEing with me
Who can relate?
#dressagenaturally #happyhorse #happydressage #quietmoments #ilovemylife #ilovemyhorse