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For the love of the horse … Create a fulfilling,
sustainable, and profitable life you can LOVE
in the horse business!

Instructors and trainers: Are you tired of feeling like you are going it alone? Are you ready to get some support around the business part of your horse business? Would you like help growing your client base, or setting better boundaries around your time? Are you ready to create your unique leverageable system?

Karen provides empowering, cooperative, and positive help for those who compassionately service students and horses. She believes that by helping heart-centered professionals thrive, we can increase the quality of life for horses, and can breathe a bit of fresh air into the horse industry.

Transform your Horse Business. Learn how to succeed from someone in the horse business.

Transform Your Business Success Kit

What you need to succeed in the horse business!
On-Demand Video Training

Powerful lessons, inspiration, and learning from someone who understands the unique challenges of the horse industry. We are committed to helping heart-centered horse professionals. Create a fulfilling, sustainable, & profitable life you can LOVE.

This Success Kit has the business training you need and the support to make it happen.

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Mastermind & Mentorship Program

In this 6-month program, participants learn how to maximize the support of the group while receiving training and mentorship through live-via-web training and Q&A sessions with Karen. There is an option for a higher level of support that includes private coaching. We have served professionals from 6 countries in all stages of their careers, ranging from age 28 to 70.

Heart-centered horse professionals receive guidance on owning their unique genius, marketing, time management, leveraging, creating their system or programs, and more. It includes a live 3+ day retreat where participants are led through an immersive process, get additional training from guest experts, and participate in an empowering unique experience (such as indoor sky-diving!).

This was born from Karen’s realization that her business model and life skills directly affected the quality of life for her horses. It is based on Karen’s blueprint for success in re-inventing her career in the horse world.

You don’t have to go it alone. Get help working ON your business from someone IN the business! Increase your support system by learning how to mastermind with fellow professionals.

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