Results with Dressage Naturally

Even the most ‘ordinary’ horse can be a rockstar.

DN is about empowering you and your horse to improve and be your personal best.

No matter what level you are and what your goals are, we know the most important thing is that you and your horse learn to be in harmony, balance, and communication with each other. From there, everything is possible. That’s why every breed and discipline can learn in our programs.

In Dressage Naturally, we look at the whole picture. When you understand how Lifestyle, Partnership, Biomechanics, and Gymnastic training fit together, it opens up more possibilities to overcome training challenges. By focusing on the quality of your communication and learning to trust your instincts, you are able to give your horse the confident feedback he is looking for.

Every horse can become a Calm, Attentive, Responsive, & Eager Partner.
Every horse can become a more Relaxed, Energized, Balanced, & Free mover.
Every horse can become a more Supple, Straight, and Engaged athlete.

No matter what kind of riding you do, Dressage Naturally will give you the keys to unlock your full potential.

A lifetime of progress

Many students make big breakthroughs quickly, but Dressage Naturally is not about quick fixes. It is about having the concepts and exercises that will serve you and your horse through a lifetime of progress. 

Below are some of Karen’s personal horses over the years.
Top: Natilla, PRE mare
Middle: Ovation, Holsteiner/Paint gelding
Bottom: Solana, PRE/Kiger Mustang/Oldenberg mare

Natilla Before and After Dressage Naturally Training Ovation before and aftersolana before after