❤️🐴 Heart-Centered Horse Professionals: NEW support!
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❤️🐴 Heart-Centered Horse Professionals: NEW support!
Register before March 13 to attend first live call.

About Dressage Naturally

Our Methodology

About Dressage Naturally

From Partnership To Piaffe: Dressage Naturally (DN) is holistic, comprehensive, and integrated system for horses and riders of any discipline who want to enjoy the process of creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics. DN is a combination of Karen’s lifetime of training in dressage, natural horsemanship, art, and life.

Dressage Naturally will help you:

  • Improve everything you do with your horse
  • Create a happier and more harmonious partnership based on understanding and trust
  • Learn new ways to work with your horse to find the place of cooperation, ease, and biomechanical freedom
  • Bring your partnership with you as you advance in sport-specific training
  • Use your aids in a way that your horse understands and appreciates
  • Be a confident independent learner
  • Practice non-judgmental awareness and a growth mindset

Best Of Both Worlds Dressage Naturally Karen Rohlf opt

Dressage Naturally is The Best of Natural Horsemanship and Dressage — together.