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Empowered & Transformative Learning

In Dressage Naturally (DN), we empower students to experiment, trust their instincts, nurture their curiosity, and let go of their fear of making mistakes. Students become clearer and more confident communicators and are able to maintain the results they get.


Photo Credit Pawal Siwek

Transformative Learning happens when students are given new ways to think about and assess their challenges with their horses and are taught how to problem solve. Far from teacher-dependent methods, DN seeks to give students the ability, awareness, and confidence to self-assess.

We teach students how to ask themselves the empowering questions that will help them find their own answers. DN also has many ways that students can reach out and get help in our highly supported online courses, with Licensed DN instructors, and our DN Facebook groups.

Horses are empowered in the DN process by giving them the freedom to make choices. This allows us to move from control to conversation. They are empowered to participate in the process, knowing that there is always a way to find success. A successful training system is one where the horse agrees to participate, understands what is being asked of him, and he is given the opportunity to offer what has been requested.

Students of all disciplines are able to incorporate DN concepts and principles into anything they do with their horses. It has filled in the missing piece for students who ride alone with no local instruction as well as riders already in a training program.

Does remote learning really work?

Karen Rohlf has pioneered distance education for riders and … utilizes a transformational model in her approach…. Rohlf explains its value: “Whether you are riding alone at home or in the middle of a lesson, it all comes down to what is happening between you and your horse anyway. When riders learn through distance education, they are deciding to take responsibility for their progress and are empowering themselves.”
– From Dressage Today Magazine article (Sept 2016)

Photo Credit Pawal Siwek