Shelby Hume

Dressage Naturally Instructor
Kentucky, USA

- Shelby

I am honored and humbled that Karen has given me the opportunity to share Dressage Naturally with you! DN has helped me develop the “why” in finding reasons to “do” Dressage (ie. good horsemanship) and why it is good for every horse and rider. My previous passion, Tae Kwon Do, also helps me relate to the mental and physical balance in ourselves.

4H gave me a great foundational start. Showmanship, Horsemanship, Equitation, and even Timed Events were opportunities to help me become more well rounded and look at horse experiences with a “glass is half full” perspective, looking for the good in each and everyone.

In Karen Rohlf and Dressage Naturally, I finally found my “true north” and a way to pursue my interpretation of a “Happy Athlete”. My passion is sharing this information with others! I want to help people reach their dreams with their horses as I continue to develop myself and my horses to our fullest potential.

Dare to dream with your eyes wide open regarding the possibilities for you and your horse’s growth in movement and life joy.


  • Group & Private Lessons
  • Clinics will travel in the United States
  • Workshops (mounted and unmounted)
  • Multi-day Intensives
  • Support for Habits For Excellent Horsemanship courses in Dressage Naturally (DN) Virtual Arena
  • Support for Sweet Spot course in DN Virtual Arena
  • Support for Upward Spiral of Success
  • Video Coaching inside the DN Virtual Arena

Other areas of experience:

  • Studied dressage in Portugal from a graduate of Cadre Noir
  • A passion for the Lusitano horse and in-hand work
  • Competed in reining (Open and Ladies divisions)
  • NRHA judge
  • Coached Intercollegiate Equestrian Team
  • Tae Kwon Do (2nd degree senior blackbelt for life)
  • Previously competed in Working Equitation

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Shelby Hume
Kentucky, USA

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Florida, USA

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Michelle Young
Vancouver, Canada