Liesbeth Jorna

Dressage Naturally Instructor
Oosterstreek, Netherlands

- Liesbeth

If you want to create that special connection and dance with your horse that makes you and him happy every day, you need 3 keys:

  1. The key to the heart of your horse to find a deep connection and harmony
  2. The key to his mind so you can help him develop self-confidence and you can understand each other
  3. The key to his body to help him develop into a healthy athlete.

I love Dressage Naturally because it embodies all three of those: You learn how to get to the heart and mind of your horse while taking dressage to the next level … in a logical, fun, healthy and creative way.

Based on my experience as a competition rider, as a dressage judge, my journey into horsemanship, jumping and eventing (and of course, Dressage Naturally), I help horse owners and riders find those 3 keys to the heart, mind and body of their horses. I help them develop their horses into happy, healthy and successful athletes and I help them to develop themselves as a knowledgeable and skillful rider.

“Let’s find out what you can do to become the trainer your horse loves.”


  • Group & Private Lessons in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom
  • Clinics at home or will travel
  • Workshops
  • Support for Habits For Excellent Horsemanship course in Dressage Naturally (DN) Virtual Arena
  • Support for Sweet Spot course in DN Virtual Arena
  • Support for Upward Spiral of Success
  • 5 Day Intensive courses around Natural Horsemanship, Dressage and Jumping at my home facility in Friesland, the Netherlands and on location in Europe
  • Progressive Training year program based on Dressage Naturally at my home facility and on location in Europe
  • Video Coaching inside the DN Virtual Arena

Other areas of experience:

  • Jumping and eventing
  • Preparing for dressage competitions
  • Ecole de Légèreté (Philippe Karl) and Straightness Training
  • Natural Horsemanship, foundation and liberty training

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Liesbeth Jorna

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