NEW Action & Support Group for Heart-Centered Horse Professionals! ❤️🐴

NEW Action & Support Group for Heart-Centered Horse Professionals! ❤️🐴

Online Programs

Harmonious Education, Empowered Learning

At Dressage Naturally we are committed to giving all students an equal opportunity to learn in our programs, and to help them achieve their dreams with horses, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Our community is a place for all people to thrive. Discriminatory comments or practices will not be tolerated.

The Habits For Excellent Horsemanship course and the Finding The Sweet Spot Of Healthy Biomechanics course have been officially accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD, CE, CEU).

A CPD accreditation means that our training program has gone through a rigorous third-party verification. The CPD Standards Office has members in 50 countries. Points can be issued and accepted across the world.

Video Training Library

Ongoing Education and Inspiration. For students of all levels who want a whole-horse education.

This monthly subscription site gives you the most information for the least amount of money. New videos every month. Meet, connect with, and get support from a world-wide community of like-minded students. Never run out of ideas. See theory put into practice.

Hundreds of videos demonstrating the process of learning to improve partnership and ease of movement. Karen’s voice guiding you through everything!

Core Step-By-Step Programs in Our Virtual Arena

Learn to create a great relationship and a Calm, Attentive, Responsive & Eager horse

Our most popular course! Develop the partnership you dream of by learning the 9 Habits For Excellent Horsemanship. Students of any level or discipline can immediately improve the trust and communication they have with their horse. Novice? Set yourself up for long term success by learning these habits. More advanced? Solve problems by getting a fresh perspective on doing the basics with more harmony and excellence. This 5 module course is designed to transform your relationship by changing how you do everything from feeding and leading to starting your ride in harmony.

Move Together with Ease and Connection – with Maximum Support for you.

The missing piece in your education. Learn to find the Relaxed, Energized, Balanced, and Connected place of harmonious movement that you and your horse can both enjoy.

Suitable for the student new to dressage, or the experienced dressage rider who craves a new perspective and wants to get back to the heart of dressage. 

Create Suppleness, Straightness, & Power – with Maximum Support for you.

Release your and your horse’s full potential by mastering the exercises for Flexibility, Mobility, and Collectibility. Learn the 6 Essential Gymnastic Abilities, theory, and mindset around gymnastic training. Learn how to make training plans, and how to adapt any exercise to your specific horse. Learn advanced skills during the most basic movements and understand how to progressively develop them.

This in-depth program is open only to graduates of the Finding The Sweet Spot Of Healthy Biomechanics course. Includes private video coaching, live Q&A calls, closed Facebook group

Additional Step-by-Step Programs in Our Virtual Arena

A rider’s toolkit for getting the most out of dressage competitions

If you want more success, you need to find a way to measure your results. Learn how to use dressage competition tests as a way to connect with your horse and progress your training.

This is for you whether you have championship goals, you want a way to measure your training progress at home, or you simply want to be able to go to shows without becoming a nervous wreck.

Includes goal setting, strategies for pre-show practicing, packing lists, and post ride assessment worksheets. This course is taught by seasoned Dressage competitor Sharon Jerdeman and was co-created with Karen Rohlf.

A rider’s practice for improving your mind and body with yoga

Develop a better connection with your horse and a better quality of life through yoga. In this busy and often high-pressure world it’s important to have an oasis of calm. This yoga program will help you find greater self-awareness, calmness, balance, strength, and suppleness. It will also give you community, accountability, and support in your healthy practice. This program is an important part of being the best you can be for your horse as a partner and a rider.

You will get instruction when and where you need it, along with access to feedback and a community of like-minded riders.

Includes audios, videos, intention tracking, a closed Facebook group exclusively for this program, and live-via-web coaching. This course is taught by yoga teacher and equestrian, Sylvia Vitazkova Houston.

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There is crucial information here that you don't get with local dressage instructors or even well-known clinicians. Not just for riders just starting out in dressage, it has pearls of wisdom and handy tips for advanced dressage riders, too.
-Mary Kay Hasseman

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We have found this beautiful connection with each other [and have learned] how to be relaxed, balanced and yet still have the energy with self carriage (yes, both of us!) Our transformation has been incredible
- Debbie Lund

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I love how you always bring play/creativity/relationship to the forefront. Your tribe embodies so many of the amazing qualities you possess and encourage!
- Laura Lafferty Inman

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When Karen launched the online programs in her Virtual Arena, it felt like a buoy in the middle of the ocean: I KNEW she had all I was looking for as a mentor, and that I could not find the same quality elsewhere.

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Dressage Naturally courses have given me the knowledge, skills and the support needed to create my dream life with horses, in a way that remains true to my values.
Through the process I also learned about myself, how to be better and how to live better together [with my horses], so that we can find mutual balance, harmony and happiness in all we do.
But most of all, I’ve learnt how to connect from the heart with my horses, and for that I will be forever grateful!
- Claudelle Perreault

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April healthy biometrics with horse

I am so grateful for all the tools Dressage Naturally has given me to create a wonderful partnership with my horse. We have learned so much together, putting the relationship first and practicing healthy biomechanics.
- April Volling

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What I love the most is how clear and logical everything suddenly becomes when Karen demonstrates and explains things.
What I've learned in this course I would not have gotten from reading yet another dressage book or taking yet another set of lessons. It's been totally worth it and I would do it again!
- Marie Halvarsson

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The videos have helped me lose the doubt I had about whether I was doing something right or not. I learned I really just need to wait longer and give them time to figure it out. On the ground instructors never have time to let that happen. I have saved hundreds of dollars [by not needing so many] lessons from my local instructors.
My whole day is enhanced by learning how to hangout and be connected before I ask them to do training related to shows. There is so much more to horses than competitions.
- Jenni Haas

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Your ‘Go-To’ reference
for Dressage Naturally

THE book to have if you want to learn dressage with a fresh perspective that highlights partnership with your horse... Not just in theory, but in practice.