DN: The Book

This is THE book/DVD to have if you want to go deep into Dressage Naturally. This is where Karen explains how she combined her experience as a dressage professional with her immersion in natural horsemanship.

This book is an excellent introduction to dressage for the natural horsemanship minded student with no previous dressage experience. It is also an excellent book for the seasoned dressage student or professional who wants a fresh perspective.

The Book: 3 Parts

Karen explains her view on dressage, natural horsemanship, and how the two dovetail together. She also gives you the Big Picture view of her system; explaining how she moves from a priority of partnership, to a priority on healthy biomechanics, to the priority of gymnastic development.

Karen then gives you exercises you can play with that go from basic to advanced and from groundwork to riding, so every rider can find something to immediately use for their own horse.

Finally, Karen shares some Essays For Success. This is where she shares some insights that will help you connect the dots even further. These essays also help you with the mindset of doing dressage in partnership.

The DVD (Included)

The almost 3 hours of footage on the DVD will both touch your heart and satisfy your mind. Watch Karen illustrate the concepts in the book with her own horses. She demonstrates many of the exercises and will inspire you!

This book is also published in Polish (Galaktyka Publishing) and German (Cadmos). One word of caution about this book: If you lend it out, it may not come back! This book is so loved that many students have had to re-order it because the people that borrow it don’t want to return it!