The Video Classroom is Made for YOU

about video classroom

The Dressage Naturally Video Classroom is your most immediate, in-depth and on-going support for the lowest cost.

Karen creates new videos every month. The classroom includes easy-to-use search features, the ability to mark you favorite videos, and the possibility to meet like-minded students.  Each video has a comments section where you can also ask questions. The Video Classroom is your essential and soon-to-be favorite tool for progress!

The topics covered really do have something for every rider:

  • Every aspect of creating stronger partnerships AND healthy biomechanics is covered – from basic to advanced.
  • Liberty, groundwork, foundational skills and upper level dressage movements, as well as discussions, simulations and guest presenters are included.
  • Nowhere will you find this range and depth of knowledge with ONE consistent voice throughout, connecting it all together for you.

Instead of trying to piece together lots of different systems, this is one system that brings together all the different pieces of what you want with your horse!


View the Video Classroom Introduction