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Q:  How does freestyle or bridle-less riding fit in?

A:  Freestyle is riding without using the reins and the purpose is to establish responsibilities in the horse to maintain direction and speed. It demands a trust between horse and rider as well as self-carriage for both.

The most important aid in dressage is our seat, so it fits perfectly that we should practice riding without reins.

This way our reins can be used to connect with the horse and not for speed control or steering. In essence, even in dressage you can feel like you are riding 'freestyle'. How much time you practice perfecting the bridle-less riding depends on your desire and your horse's needs.

Posture of the horse is not necessarily a priority in freestyle, but it is possible for a horse to have a healthy posture while bridle-less if we believe that posture is a result of many things other than the reins.

Riding poorly is unhealthy for the horse's body. It doesn't matter if the poor riding is done with or without the reins, it is equally damaging. It is the biomechanics that matter.

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