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I am fascinated by figuring out how we humans can get out of our own way and unlock our potentials. I know that to make real progress it takes more than just delivering knowledge; I have to help you clarify your vision, show you the possibilities, then give you the freedom to explore them in a way that is free from the fear of making mistakes. That is how I train horses, and it is how I will teach you.
Karen Rohlf
Karen Rohlf

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Dressage Naturally Resources

FREE Starter Kit

Dressage Naturally Starter Kit (FREE)

The Starter Kit is a great way to get a taste of what DN can offer you! It includes:

  • Happy Athlete Assessment tool
  • Excerpt from Karen’s book
  • Training videos from the Video Classroom.
  • Monthly Newsletter and occasional emails with latest DN news

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DN Video Classroom

Dressage Naturally Video Classroom

After the FREE Starter Kit, The Video Classroom is the fastest and least expensive way to get the most information. The Classroom is a subscription-based platform where Karen adds new educational videos every month. $12 gets you immediate access to the full library of training videos.

Watch Karen narrate as she rides her own horses, or see her coach students through exercises. Topics range from foundation to advanced dressage, from breathing exercises to how to control your emotions and subconscious mind.

Videos includes simulations, discussions, ground work and riding. You can search topics, bookmark your favorite videos, leave comments and interact with other DN students! After the first month, you are billed $24/month until you decide to cancel.

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DN Book

Dressage Naturally Book

This is an essential resource. Karen literally "wrote the book on doing dressage naturally"! This is an in-depth look at the theory behind Dressage Naturally.

If you are at all interested in what you see on this site, you are going to want this book. We have seen student’s copies that are highlighted, marked up with notes and taped together because it was used so much! The only complaint we have heard about the book is that it when students lend it out, they never get it back!

The theories and exercises in this book will give you the common thread and the depth of knowledge that will link together all the videos in the Video Classroom. This book has been published also in German and Polish.

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DN Virtual Arena

Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena

4 courses are offered in the Virtual Arena. Together we will go step by step through the process that gives you what you need to go from Partnership To Piaffe! The Habits For Excellent Horsemanship is a course where you will expand the partnership you have with your horse by using ordinary moments to get extraordinary results. You can start the Horsemanship course at any time. The second course is where Karen will walk you through the step by step process of Finding The SS of Healthy Biomechanics. In course 3 we navigate the Upward Spiral Of Successful Gymnastics.  Note: The Upward Spiral course is open only to Sweet Spot graduates. The Prepare Perform Progress course is a rider's toolbox for getting the most out of dressage shows. It is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn how to progress using dressage tests even if you don't think you want to compete!

All courses have lifetime access and will help you make lasting changes in your horsemanship and dressage skills.

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Meet Your Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructors

All instructors are also Coaches inside the Virtual Arena courses.
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Dressage Naturally Instructor Ewa Angantyr

Ewa Angantyr

Dressage Naturally Instructor Shelby Hume

Shelby Hume
Kentucky, USA

Dressage Naturally Instructor Liesbeth Jorna

Liesbeth Jorna

Dressage Naturally Instructor Shawna Lewis

Shawna Lewis
Florida, USA